Body Care


Swedes have a word for when things are “just right”. They call it lagom. Experience this new sense of feel-good balance with Barnängen Body Care. Being customized for all skin types, our Lotions, Balm and Oil combine scientific formulations with Nordic-inspired ingredients for beautifully balanced care

Nordic Care:

Our Nordic Care range, infused with Nordic-inspired ingredients and our signature ingredient Cold Cream, protects and cares for your skin and smooth. Each Body Care product is blended with customized ingredients to nourish every skin type:

Caring Body Lotion, for dry to normal skin Nutritive Body Lotion, for dry to very dry skin Sensitive Body Lotion, for sensitive skin

Nordic Rituals:

Our Midsommar Glow Body Oil combines Nordic-inspired ingredients and our uniquely developed Oil Serum for a light as well as nourishing Body Care.